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Classic Comforts Sweeten Seasonal Dessert Menus

As summer wraps up and cooler weather approaches, it’s the perfect time to start planning your holiday dessert menus with classic favorites and seasonal flavors patrons love. 43% of consumers prefer classic desserts and every generation has their own nostalgias when it comes to desserts—most consider flavor more important than format.1 Set your seasonal dessert menus up for success and satisfy patrons of all ages by putting modern twists on the classics.

Appeal To The Masses

65% of millennials are interested in seasonal desserts and boomers are more likely to love traditional offerings.2 Please both demographics and those in-between by merging the two trends. Here are a few delectable ideas to boost seasonal dessert sales. Craft a Spicy Cinnamon Apple Shake by blending vanilla ice cream with a comforting slice of apple pie. Then, garnish with toppings like a warm cinnamon churro, salted caramel sauce, whipped cream, and cinnamon candies. Take Pumpkin Pie to next-level, ooey-gooey flavor by topping with a warm, creamy sauce made from brown sugar, butter, cream, and chopped nuts. Create Pecan Turtle Pie by starting with a beloved slice of pecan pie and adding cinnamon sugar caramelized apple chunks and caramel and chocolate drizzle over the top.

Make It A La Mode

Ice cream is a nostalgic year-round favorite and consumer satisfaction goes up when a meal includes pie a la mode.3 Add a cool, seasonal spin to your desserts with flavorful pie and ice cream pairings. Try a warm slice of Dutch Apple Hi-Pie® with a scoop of dulce de leche ice cream. Couple maple walnut ice cream with Caramel Apple Nut Hi-Pie®. Or give chocolate lovers a reason to eat dessert first with a rocky road ice cream and French Silk Pie pairing.

Mash It Up

More than 2 in 5 millennials and Gen Z consumers indicate interest in dessert mashups.4

Rather than throwing broken, un-servable slices away, make the most of every delightful serving by crafting your own signature decadent dessert bowls. Mash chunks of pumpkin pie with cinnamon, brown sugar, and toasted walnuts. Top with whipped cream sprinkled with pumpkin pie seasoning. Dessert for breakfast? Nothing is off-limits, especially during the holidays. Give vanilla yogurt a boost by blending with a crushed coconut cream pie slice, granola, and lightly toasted coconut flakes for a Tropical Coconut Breakfast Parfait. Watch this video for more festive and flavorful dessert bowls.

Take Home Sweeter Profits

Delivery of desserts has increased +175% with pies among the lead,5 and digital ordering of desserts has increased +199%.6 Offer your sweet selections for take home and delivery with a holiday desserts to-go program. From whole desserts to by-the-slice, you can set your operation up for success and enjoy incremental profits by using dessert boxes and carryout containers that keep desserts safe and intact for the journey to patron homes. Find take home solutions here.

Whether used as an ingredient or center of the dessert plate, re-think pie as a nostalgic favorite to capture cross-generational dessert sales. Find more chef-inspired recipes, seasonal menu planning calendars, and operator guides in this all-inclusive resource.

Content courtesy of Sara Lee Frozen Bakery

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