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Serve Up Comfort to Your Guests with Potatoes

Since the onset of the pandemic and beyond, the demand for comfort foods has been on the rise, with 1 in 3 consumers eating comfort food now more than before.1

When looking to create menu offerings that satisfy your guests’ cravings for comfort, frozen potatoes are the perfect place to start. On their own, they fit the bill, but potatoes and fries are also versatile menu items that make a great base for innovative culinary creations.

Here are 3 ways to take the comfort foods on your menu to the next level with potatoes:

Topped & Loaded

Try turning your best-selling comfort food menu item into a unique topped & loaded fry creation, since 75% of consumers are interested in ordering a topped & loaded french fry dish.2 Use fries as a starting point and then load up with popular ingredients you already have in your kitchen such as cheese, bacon and trending sauces and seasonings such as aioli, Sriracha mayo, Nashville hot, and honey. This will allow you to offer topped and loaded fry dishes that keep your customers coming back, like Spicy Honey Chicken Fries or Rib Tip BBQ Fries. Loaded mashed potatoes are also growing on menus, so be sure to offer year-round, instead of just during the holidays, with dishes such as Loco Moco Mashed Bowls or Mashed Bacon Breakfast Bowls.

Global trends

It’s no secret global flavors are popular on menus right now. In fact, nearly 70% of Millennial and Gen X consumers say they go out of their way to try global foods.3 Allow your guests to take a trip around the world by topping your fries with the latest trends to create comfort foods with a global flair, like Ramen Fries, Sukiyaki Fries or Michelada Shrimp Fries.


With 77% of consumers interested in plant-based proteins4, and 3 out of 4 US adults saying it's important for restaurants to have plant-based options on their menu5, it’s important for operators to keep plant-based options in mind when developing comfort foods for their menu. Consider a dish like Buffalo Cauliflower & Fries to meet this demand.

Start getting inspired today and find new ways to satisfy your guests with comfort food recipes here.

Content courtesy of Lamb Weston

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