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Cracking the Code: The Secrets to Building a Strong Food Safety Culture

Every workplace has some sort of culture established. 

That culture might include open door policies, cross-training between different tasks or departments, formal communications, informal work settings, and other practices that contribute to daily work life. Think of your work culture as “how we do things around here.” Even if you are self-employed, you still maintain a type of work culture. 

Food safety culture works the same way – there are actions you take that dictate to others what your food safety practices are. Having a strong food safety culture is increasingly important for your guests. But what goes into a food safety culture? 

Food safety needs to account for both the “how’s” and the “why’s” of what you do. As we embark on a journey of exploring some of these “how’s” and “why’s,” keep in mind that all the food safety practices you employ – from handwashing and illness policies to simple tasks like refilling a glass of water – should focus on the safety of your guests. No business operator can afford the potential harm of a foodborne illness outbreak. 

If the concept of a strong food safety culture is new to you, start with identifying what you already practice relative to food safety and build on that. Use this guide to help identify new ways to develop and strengthen your own food safety culture. Finally, know that the National Restaurant Association’s Food Safety and Compliance Team is here to help with any questions, advice, or simply to listen to an idea. 

Source: National Restaurant Association