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Ensure Customers Get Consistent Quality and Portions While Keeping Food Costs Under Control

With the rising cost of foods and labor shortages, having the right efficiencies and cost control measures in place in the back of house are vital to remain profitable. There are certain tried and tested ways to help ensure that the food preparation process is both ready to fulfil orders while keeping an efficient kitchen budget.

High-Density (HD) Pre-Portioning Bags are a cost-effective way to train the labor force on hand during slower periods to prepare for rush hour services and ensure there is consistency in foods prepared and served daily. These bags are made to measure out exact food portions quickly as they can be dispensed directly from saddle racks, onto a scale for weighing during prep time.

They are a great way to maintain FIFO/FEFO guidelines and are made of a high-density polyethylene built to withstand temperatures ranging from -50˚F up to 220˚F (-45.5˚c up to 104.4˚c). This allows them to be quickly turned around from fresh to frozen storage to the microwave and/or steam pan and onto a customer’s plate without having to repackage foods from their original Pre-Portioning Bag. They help ensure customers get consistent quality and portions they have come to expect while keeping food costs under control in the kitchen.

Features and Benefits for HD Pre-Portioning Bags

  • Reduce food waste, control cost
  • Printed days of the week help quickly identify preparation or use-by date
  • Ideal for tracking storage dates for future use, and preserving food quality
  • Durable material can withstand freezing down to -50°F and heating up to 220°F (-45.5˚C up to 104.4˚C).


  • Restaurant Chains
  • Quick Service
  • Fast Casual
  • Cafeterias
  • Catering
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