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Food Service Apparel: A Fashionable Approach to Food Preparation

Elevating the dining experience can be achieved by taking some simple steps that show a higher class of operation while keeping the important balance between visual appeal and food safety. One simple step which helps in creating a unique dining experience is the inclusion of disposable food service apparel.

Disposable Chef Hats, Polyethylene Aprons, and Hair or Beard Covers are all examples of apparel items that can be used by kitchen staffs to create a positive first impression of restaurants as well as maintain cleanliness and hygiene throughout the cooking process. Chef Hats delineate kitchen hierarchies, and disposable Aprons protect uniforms and save on laundry costs. As far as customer-facing operations and food handling, operators can take one further step to elevate the dining experience as well.

Black disposable gloves can be an important element of any restaurant's customer-facing operations because they maintain a professional appearance while also protecting foods from cross-contamination. They also protect the food handlers’ hands from potential stains or burns caused by hot surfaces or foods. These gloves also can be ordered in different substrates depending different tasks in each kitchen. An example of these gloves are: Nitrile, Vitrile and/or Vinyl Gloves.

Nitrile Gloves are the top of the line when it comes to glove dexterity and barrier protection. They are great for handling foods in the prep and finished product state. Their dexterity allows for easy chopping and dicing, while their barrier protection allows for handling warm foods when the dishes are being expedited, as well as chemical resistance for cleanup time.

Vitrile Disposable Gloves are a great alternative which are made from a food-grade resin which is comprised of both Nitrile and Vinyl materials. Their fit is a mix of both, offering the barrier protection and fit of both types of gloves. They are a good alternative for those looking for another option to try.

Vinyl Disposable Gloves are a cost-effective alternative which while includes great barrier protection, although they may not be as pliable as Nitrile. They are available in food-grade classification and can help protect the hands that prepare the food as well as their customers.

Restauranters should use the variety of tools available to them to create a professional environment that is visually appealing while also ensuring that high-end menu items are handled with care to give their patrons a unique dining experience.

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