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How to Post on Social Media 101

In this simple three-step guide, we’ll talk about how to set up an account, maximize your time by scheduling posts in advance, and create a content schedule.

Step 1: Set up your account

The most important part of setting up your account is making sure you know which social media platforms your customers are on and investing time in those platforms. Common social media platforms are Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X, and Threads. If you know your customers are not on Facebook, don’t invest time there. Instead, drive traffic only to the platforms they are engaging on.

  • Pick out a handle that’s relevant to your business and use the same name across all platforms (ex: @ShaynasItalianGrille).
  • Add a short description, hours of operations, location, website links, relevant hashtags, and any other important information to the bio/description Be as informative as you can here!
  • Follow potential customers and businesses alike! Do this by searching for other similar businesses, looking through their followers and post “likers,” and following They will be notified of your follow and made aware of your account, most likely returning your follow!
  • Add a link to your social pages on your website, emails, and even QR codes in-store to raise awareness of your new accounts.

Step 2: Utilize an app to assist with scheduling and analytics

Several free or low-cost apps and websites exist to help you schedule your social posts, allowing you to save time and plan ahead. You can upload one image and caption and assign it to multiple platforms on the same day or different days on these highly intuitive, easy-to-use platforms.

Check out some of our favorites:

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Metricool
  • Social Oomph

Not only can you schedule your posts here, but you can also assess your posts’ performance, including website clicks from social media posts, engagement, reach, followers, and trends.

Step 3: Create and post content

Deciding what to post might feel overwhelming at first. Start by thinking about who your business is and what unique value you bring to your customers. Brainstorm content that’s timeless: your origin story, popular menu items, long-time BOH staff stories, etc.

Next, think about how you can create excitement and drive traffic to your socials by posting time-sensitive content like limited-time offerings, or daily or weekly specials. Post this type of content on a more ad-hoc basis in a fun, engaging way to drive both social media traffic and in-store customers!

Content courtesy of General Mills Foodservice