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Save Time in Cleanup When Baking Large Classic Dishes

Classic dishes which include sauces and cheeses are a popular staple in homestyle diners. A classic dish such as lasagna, can be prepared in bulk and have a high food yield, which is important to maintain food costs in this current market. Since comfort dishes such as lasagnas or other cheesy dishes are cooked in high oven temperatures, baking such dishes can create burnt-in foods. One way to save time when cleanup time arrives is to use Ovenable Pan Liners when baking large classic dishes.

Ovenable Pan Liners are food grade nylon bags that are placed into baking pans to serve as a barrier between the foods being baked and oven pans. They are used to help preserve a dish’s flavor and moisture and avoid baked foods from “burning-on” to the pan surface. These Ovenable Pan Liner bags can withstand temperatures up to 400° F (220° C) which makes them perfect for cooking in industrial kitchens and slow cookers as well. They are a great way to help speed up kitchen operations, increase efficiency, and decrease the amount of manpower needed during and after service.

When cleanup time arrives, there will be less food wasted due to burn-in, so any remaining foods can be stored simply by utilizing the same pan liner bag for storing the contents in a fridge or freezer until the next service. Baking pans will be preserved and easier to clean, therefore creating a quicker turnaround time in preparation for the next classic dish.

Features and Benefits

  • Withstands temperatures up to 400°F (220°C)
  • Eliminate scrubbing to remove baked-on foods
  • Quick, easy clean up, saving time and money
  • Increases food yield


  • Baking meats and poultry
  • Perfect for soups and gravies
  • Baking vegetables and pastas
  • Transporting, serving, and storing food
  • Store and dispose leftovers

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