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Sharpen Your Margins with Restaurant Business Intelligence

The evolution of the restaurant industry isn’t slowing down. Not only is it evolving to weather the storm of ever-higher wholesale prices, supply chain disruptions, and a dramatically transformed labor market, the pace of technology adoption throughout the industry is speeding up.

While the restaurant industry spends 1.97% of gross annual revenue on technology, according to Hospitality Technology’s 24th annual tech study, that number is rising. With this increase in spending in QSR, fine dining, and every restaurant in between comes an increase in complexity.

What that complexity means in real terms for restaurant leaders is more time spent in offices than in the kitchen perfecting recipes or eliminating waste, training servers to make the perfect upsell, or observing daily operations for improvement. For managers, who are the real drivers of the success of both individual locations and entire restaurant companies, it’s not only beneficial. It’s mandatory.

As restaurant tech adoption rises, there must be a parallel improvement in how restaurants collect, analyze, visualize, and use the data their technology produces. There’s the additional need to ensure not just access, but contextualized access, for everyone across a restaurant company, especially store-level managers.

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Source: R365