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Technomic Releases 2024 Trend Predictions for the U.S. Foodservice Market

Technomic released its latest U.S. whitepaper, What's in Store for 2024, sharing its foodservice industry trend predictions for the upcoming year. While the industry's performance is expected to level out in 2024, it will still face many of the ongoing challenges seen in 2023, including high prices, dipping consumer confidence, staffing issues, and extreme weather conditions.

"Foodservice stakeholders once again need to tap into their reserves of creativity to thrive," says Technomic. "They will need to be ready for hurdles and develop contingency plans. Operators must lean into technology, menu and service innovation that avoids disruption of the consumer experience and, when possible, takes advantage of existing ingredients or resources."

Further, Technomic is calling 2024 "the year of the tomato." And, no, they aren't talking about ketchup and tomato sauce. Expect tomato to explode on menus—appearing in nontraditional ways ranging from utilization as a meat replacement to global-based condiments. Ever heard of a Chavela beer cocktail? No? Just wait until this time next year!

More U.S. highlights:

  • Leveling out of foodservice performance, following ups and downs of pandemic
  • Consumers scaling back on delivery in favor of more takeout and drive-thru
  • Practical applications of tech, such as automated kitchen equipment for tedious tasks

Read the latest U.S. trend whitepaper here.

Source: Cision PR Newswire