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Top Five Food Establishment Inspection Violations

To help prevent the types of inspection violations most frequently seen in retail food establishments, we analyzed data from local health departments across the nation and aggregated it into a list of the Top 5 Violations in the U.S. We then enlisted food safety expert Dr. Hal King, Managing Partner of Active Food Safety, to provide advice on how establishments can best prevent those violations.

Top 5 U.S. Health Inspection Violations (2022)

  1. Equipment, Food-Contact Surfaces, Nonfood-Contact Surfaces, and Utensils – 7.92%
  2. Cleaning, Frequency, and Restrictions – 7.28%
  3. Equipment Maintenance and Adjustment – 5.52%
  4. Hot and Cold Holding of Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food – 5.45%
  5. Certified Food Protection Manager Presence – 4.06%

*The top 5 make up around 30% of all citations in 2022 out of 100%.

The FDA Food Code 2017 has been amended to add a new paragraph (I) to address additional duty requirements for the Person in Charge to ensure employees are routinely monitoring food temperatures during hot and cold holding, among other responsibilities.

What’s the Role of a Certified Food Protection Manager?

  • Formulate policies to reduce foodborne illness risks
  • Verify food employees follow policies
  • Communicate recommended practices to employees
  • Be present during food preparation, handling, and sales

Benefits of Having a Certified Manager

  • Increased knowledge of foodborne illness risks
  • Better implementation of food safety policies
  • Research suggests lower risk of foodborne illness outbreaks

Download an educational infographic here.

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