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What Your Distributor Can Do For You

Establishing an early and strong relationship with your local distributor is a critical step in making your restaurant a success. Picking the right distributors early on as supplier partners ensures your access to reliable service, consistent supply lines, better delivery, the newest products, and even the best values.

Good distributors, well-chosen, have knowledge and insight into the industry marketplaces that often go far beyond the buyer/seller relationship. They can become consultants and advisers who share ideas and concepts and provide feedback. According to recent surveys, they are the number one source for information on new products, an important ingredient in keeping your restaurant new and fresh.

In addition to new product introductions, your distributors can often offer product sampling, troubleshooting services, product application and preparation information, employee training, cost-saving ideas, menu development, educational demonstrations, and a wide variety of other important and useful services. Today's good distributors are much more than just order-takers.

And the best part is they want you as a customer. It is in their best interest to have you succeed and prosper. The better you do, the better they do. It's a simple formula that adds up to recurring business and profits for everyone.

Tell your distributors what you need, ask what services they can offer, and have them help you identify and connect with the resources that can help you grow. Employ their services and knowledge to your benefit while at the same time remembering they also are in business to make a profit. Without them, your job becomes difficult, if not impossible. They are the doors to your success, just as you are the foundation of theirs.

Support your distributors and they will support you.

Source: Restaurant Owner